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Since 1995 Hillside Companies has specialized in designing and constructing a variety of wall solutions for our customers.

Hillside has successfully completed many projects ranging from residential to complex, highly challenging commercial and public works construction.

Developers, architects, home builders, commercial and industrial customers are just a few of the clients Hillside works with. Contact Hillside for a complimentary review of your upcoming retaining wall engineering, design, or construction project.

Hillside has constructed millions of square feet of retaining walls in Southern California. Counties include San Diego, Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Imperial, Kern, and San Luis Obispo.

We design site-specific solutions to meet every need and application. For example, at the Hartley residence, Hillside designed and built 3 different wall systems (Keystone, Vista DSM & CMU) to meet the site constraints. Or the Mammoth Profession Center in Corona where Hillside designed and constructed Earthstone Walls, Keystone Walls, and Cast-in-place Walls. We contract for the grading, the street improvements, the site drainage, and wall waterproofing. Hillside is your one-stop-shop.


Hillside at a Glance

We build great walls

Since 1995 Hillside Companies has specialized in designing and constructing a variety of wall solutions for our customers. Not all customers and projects are the same – the wall solutions cannot be the same either. Hillside does not just build one type of wall – Keystone Retaining Wall Systems, Vista DSM Walls, Anchor Retaining Walls, Allan Block Walls, Lock + Load walls, Vedura Walls, Cast-in-place Walls, Manta-ray Anchor Reinforced Walls, Masonry Walls (CMU), are all wall types that Hillside crews have built. Hillside also performs the design and engineering services for most of these wall systems.

Do you need a steep Hillside wall?

We can help. Do you have a property line issue? We can help. Do you need a wall in a water or scour application? Yes, we can help then too. Any need you have, Hillside can help you design the best and most cost-effective retaining wall solution.

Our Promise

Hillside’s success has been based upon pleasing our customers so that they return for future projects. Our field operations are skilled and friendly, our office staff very competent and responsive.

Hillside is fully licensed and has been in business for over 25 years. For more information about Hillside and how we can design and/or construct a solution for your project, please call or email today. We will be pleased to provide a quote and/or answer any of your retaining wall, drainage, slope repair, and grading questions.

What Client Say

“Hillside Companies has brought knowledge, experience, integrity, and a proven track record to our construction projects. Their willingness to help achieve the goals of our projects from a budget and functionality aspect has been a breath of fresh air.”

– Neil R. Kadakis

Managing Principal, Greens Global

MSE Retaining Wall Design, Installation & Engineering

Hillside Companies specializes in the design and engineering of segmental retaining walls (SRW), gravity retaining walls, screen walls, and dry stack masonry (DSM) retaining walls. When our design team reviews a project, our primary goal is to ascertain which retaining system is best for that project. Often, the best solution includes two or three different retaining wall systems.

We are very interested in your project. Do you have walls already laid out on the plan and need engineering? Let us provide the engineering services for you. Do you need help with the site design to determine how to best retain the varying cut and fill situations on the site? We can help layout the walls to maximize site area, balance the site, or design the site to include more cost-effective fill walls while reducing the more expensive cut walls. Depending on the site’s geotechnical parameters, we can also design less expensive gravity cut walls where cast-in-place or shoring walls are proposed.

Hillside has designed projects for public works agencies, including the County of San Diego, the City of Los Angeles, the City of San Diego, and Fullerton. We have designed school/DSA projects for San Diego State University, Garfield High School, and Bella Vista Elementary School – Palm Springs, to name a few. Our scope ranges from multi-tract development like Brasada for Brasada Land, Altair, and Chapman Heights for William Lyon Homes to a single-family lot like the Mills residence.

Our Services


Retaining Walls

We design site specific solutions to meet every need and application. We work with several manufacturers in order to provide the best possible outcome for your project. Our team has installed over 10 million sf of retaining walls throughout California. We are your one stop shop.

Earthwork & Grading

We perform Excavation and Grading for new residential Subdivision developments, Industrial and Commercial projects. We specialize in large scale Mass Grading operations.

Design & Engineering

Hillside Companies Engineering works with General Contractors in Design Build Projects. Our team works to help do Value Engineering to save the owner money and help make a project feasible.

Screen Walls

We design and install Screen Walls as well. Whether you need light, medium, or heavy-weight, we have you covered with many attractive options. Popular with commercial, industrial, and housing developments that require privacy, security, and sound deadening. They are up to 14′ in height, and are often a more cost-effective approach than typical CMU solutions. They also keep you on schedule due to their quick installation time.

Demolition & Clearing

Hillside Companies Engineering performs demolition, clearing, grubbing and hauling. No job is too small or too large for our teams.

If you need an area to be cleared and hauled out, we are here to help.


Preconstruction Planning

We specialize in the design and engineering of MSE retaining walls and many creative design-build solutions. Working in collaboration with the project team, we provide insight into innovative and inventive construction methods and materials to ensure our clients a high-performance plan that maximizes the return on investment.

Basin Walls

Detention ponds and extended storage basins provide practical solutions to national, state, and local requirements for stormwater runoff control and management. We design and build mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining wall systems that offer innovative, cost-effective solutions to increase storage volume while minimizing the impact on usable land.

Slope Repair

For more than 15 years, we have performed mitigation for landslide and failed slopes throughout Southern California. From small backyard repairs using an engineered heavy duty pipe and board system, repairing a slope using structural geosynthetic reinforcement (GSR), retaining walls, or installing caissons and grade beams for more extensive landslide repairs…we are the answer.

Other Services

Hillside Companies strives to satisfy many of your needs. We also provide limited access construction, soil cement, concrete drainage ditches, energy dissipators, Caltrans B11-47 and custom cable railings, proprietary basin liner assembly units, post pocket options for future fencing, slope construction, and consulting.

Check Out Our Projects!

Midwick Collection

Here’s a 25,000 square foot Retaining Wall system Hillside Companies designed and built for City Ventures in Alhambra.

South Santa Fe Heights – Vista

Here is a project in Vista, CA, where there was limited area on the cut side due to property lines, and plantable walls were required by the city.


This project in Escondido required screen walls to separate it from the neighbouring community and add privacy, sound deadening, and security.

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